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YCM – Market Sentiment

Our system identify changes in market sentiment and use a proprietary quantitative algorithm to analyze the market sentiment correlation to price and volatility movements

The model is based on:

  • Minimum amount of initial subscription: $100,000
  • Management fees: 2% p.a.
  • Performance fees: 20% of the monthly profit with a 30% full catchup once the annual return exceed 50%
  • No lockup period, full liquidity and all fees are charged on a monthly basis
Users Sentiment

YCM Performance Statistics

AUM 1,000,000
Starting Date 27-Jul-17
Risk-free Asset 2.0%
Annualized Return 129.3.%
Gain (before fees) 1,815,882
New Gain (after fees) 1,815,882
Total Return 181.6%
Highest EUR NOP 21,739,305
Maximum Margin Used 10.9%
Max Cash Drawn Down -7.8%
Max Equity Drawn Down -9.70%
Volume in USD in milion 15,471
Total Number of Trades 1,162
Number of Winning Trades 453
Number of Losing Trades 709
% Winnings 39.0%
% Loosings 61.0%
PNL + 4,395,259
PNL - -2,579,377
PNL - -2,579,377
Average + 9,703
Average - -3,638
Win/Loss Ratio 2.67
Max Winning Trade 100,235
Max Loosing Trade -94,575
Profit Factor 1.70
Expentancy 1,563
Positive Months 15
Negative Months 1
Average Up Months 112,198
Average Down Months -10,476
Best Month 321,526
Worst Month -10,476
Most Consecutive up Months 14
Most Consecutive up Months 1
Annualised STD 21.7%
Annualised Downside STD 13.90%
IRR 129.%
Sharpe 5.86
Calmar 18.71
Sortino 9.16
Total Number of Trading Days 377
Positive Days 280
Negative Days 96
% - Days 25.5%
Average + Days 20,656
Average - Days -13,360
Best Day 6.33%
Worst Day -5.03%
% + Days 74.3%
Leveraged Investment

Programs by Finotec

Finotec Trading UK Limited holds a FCA licence as an Investment Manager and has been operating from London since 2007

We monitor the performance of over 30,000 traders recording over 700,000 trades in real-time to acquire a deep understanding of their strategies and risk management approach. This systematic approach provides the foundations for the trading programs we offer.

Investors can select a level of risk appropriate for their own investment objectives. Our structures offers both easy access to funds and peace of mind in regulated environment

Our software is proprietary and we do not share it with anyone else. Profits are driven by decades of experience of FX trading and the techniques used to run profitable FX brokerages.

Why Invest With Us?

Our programs have been built from the bottom up with unique features to make trading FX safer and profitable

  • Low trading costs

    We have direct relationships with the leading Banks and Institutions to provide the very best pricing and execution in the market. By ensuring that our investors have the lowest execution and market cost leaves more room for their investment to grow.

  • Performance related fees

    We make money when you make money, and invest our capital alongside yours. Fees are charged on performance with high water-mark.

  • FCA Regulated

    Peace of mind afforded to all investors by a regulated FCA environment with their funds held in bank accounts with HSBC London.

  • Full Investor ownership

    Clients may withdraw funds or remove their account from the management service at ANY time.

Our Managed programs are designed for professional and institutional investors, looking for a unique edge sharing the hidden secrets of the FX market

A leader in innovative brokerage solutions

Finotec Trading UK Ltd is a London based boutique FX Prime Brokerage solutions provider

Since 1998, Finotec helps brokers succeed by providing everything they need to operate a flourishing FX broker business and an easy access for professional traders to a regulated trading environment

Finotec is authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority [FCA Register Number 470392] to hold client funds and act as a match principal agency; and holds an FCA Investment Management license with European passport

Finotec offers a winning combination of fair liquidity, Risk Management, regulatory compliance, managed investment programs and a full technology suite - in one expertly managed service

We do not predict or estimate

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